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She Speaks

Ocean Sunset

Feet Waves
SHE SPEAKS by Rani Primmer, Jagged Touch Studio

I stand by the ocean, her warm undulating waves crashing in on my bare feet. With each methodical surge of her incoming flow, she heaves an abundance of enticing shells from her gut onto the waiting beach. The preceding layer of wave, now calmed and relieved of its bloated belly, simultaneously slips quietly back into the ocean carrying with it as much of the just-spewed bounty as it can bear. You must be quick to snatch any promising treasures before they are gobbled back up by her for she makes no guarantees that you can keep them. That brief glimpse of the goodies of her soul may be all that you are granted. Some she will lend to you for a bit longer, an extension of her divine energy, until she is ready to carry them back into her body where they will take their place within the core of her Being, having never truly left her.

As I watch and I ponder and I soak in the moment, I imagine the Universe is much like this. It is the sea of divinity, spilling its treasures into our world. We…. you, me, the person sitting next to you, ALL of us are the beautiful shells created at the hand of that which is far greater than us. And like the blessings of the sea, we are given to this world for only a short time. Some are here for what is only a glimpse like the brief visit of the soul of a precious child who is perfect, small, and barely touched by the sands of time but could not stay; or the passing of a stranger in a coffee shop who has been weathered by their past and who we will likely never see again. Others visit for days, months or even years. We are all transient souls who have been given the opportunity to learn from and share with other souls as our bodies travel through this short terrestrial journey.

Like these shells, over time we have become wonderfully textured and cracked and pitted, only adding to that which makes us beautiful. Some of us clothed in iridescent glittering coats, some simply colored, some with smoothed edges, and others rough. Our course in the sea of life has taken us through dark, melancholy, and sometimes dismal heartbreaking moments when the waves were so high that we feared we might drown….some of us wishing it to be so as we swirled around in the shadows of the depths but hopefully now grateful that we have weathered the storm. Our custom built ships have sailed through the light and shown us joy, hope, peace, laughter, and awe and wonder. We have danced and we have cried. We have been sculpted, twisted, and gnarled as we’ve been tossed about on our path forward to tranquility and peace. We are beautifully broken and perfectly imperfect, crafted into our unique selves with our own cocktail mix of wisdom and talent. No two alike.

Could it be that our journey…. the good, the bad, the dark, the light, is intentionally shaping us into our own distinctively elegant beings so that we can be the blessings we were meant to be…so that we can offer light to others in our own personalized way and so we can be a light for ourselves? As we pelt what we have become and are becoming with pebbles of shame, judgment, criticism, blame and comparison, our light flickers…it dims as we wander into the shadows. Is there intention behind our visits into the darkness? Is it to contrast the light so we can understand the beauty of it all? Is it to teach us what we need to know to serve others on their journey? Or is it just the nature of carnal existence and random happenings?

We have been given the ability to send ripples of love across the Universe and brighten the day of that passing stranger so that they can brighten the day of another. We have it within us to be a tidal wave of love to those closest to us so that in their times of darkness, they can find their way out. If we choose to do so, we can take others to those spaces where we have experienced awe and wonder and we can share it with them so they can feel the joy that we feel. In every moment of every day, we have a choice to be the love and light that others need, that we need. I’d like to believe that we are an expression of the Universe intended to learn to see with the eye of our soul as we find our way to the light. As our eyes open wider and we begin to understand, we grow brighter and can shed light onto the paths of others so that eventually instead of a world full of bodies with heads roaming about, we are a world overflowing with bodies with hearts.

Beach ShellsLike the sea collecting its treasure, we will be called back one day. We will graduate from this earthbound school and the window of opportunity to teach and to be taught will close. The sound of the ripples we have created while we were here will echo the voice of our soul and will continue their dance in the soul of others as we go on with our journey.

As I stand before this incredible ocean, I am grateful that she speaks to me. I am grateful that I can hear her.


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4 Responses to “She Speaks”

  1. Bodi Kinney July 24, 2014 at 11:38 PM #

    Wow! Wonderful! ! Keep blogging and sharing. <3

    • admin July 25, 2014 at 7:17 AM #

      Thank you my friend!

  2. Alan Ainsley February 8, 2015 at 12:00 PM #

    Beautiful piece of thought and great creative writing. Nice to read some of your more expansive work.

    • admin February 9, 2015 at 11:19 AM #

      Thank you my friend!!!