Today, as the soft light of the early morning found its way into my still beating heart, and my eyes cracked opened for yet another new day, I find myself IMG_2557sitting in the new space of 52 years old. Once upon a time I may have called it ‘just another day’ as I traveled through my days doing the things I ‘needed’ to do without putting much thought to the moments as they passed. Moments that were quickly whisked away into the depths of the universe…sometimes a few lucky ones would catch in the not-so-sticky web of my memory, likely to be lost another day. But no more will I let a day pass as ‘just another day’, whether it be a shitty day, a joyful day or sadly, a day filled with IMG_3869sorrow.

Yes, some I’d like to skip because they are so heavy that I feel I will be crushed  under their weight until I am an oozing pool of emotional messiness.  Suffocation in the shadows of the darkness on those days is not an impossibility if I don’t actively work my way toward the light of gratitude.

After years of ongoing reflection, I have come to finally  understand that living life wearing a cape spun from the threads of intention, reflective thought and gratitude is truly the best superpower to keep me from drifting into the storms that surround ALL of us. Noxious storms loaded with regret, bitterness, judgment, doubIMG_20140301_065131475_HDRt, hatred, greed and fear that in their aftermath, will leave us writhing in pain, sadness, and loneliness if we alloIMG_1732w them to.

So as I wake up in my new space of 52, it is not ‘just another day’…it is an opportunity to do better, to play better, to laugh better, to love better, and to BE better. Now I may screw that up before the day is over and be wishing for a ‘do over’ which I may or may not get, but for now, I am grateful for the gift of this single day of possibility.






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