One by One, They Rise by Rani Primmer

A couple of years ago, I was convinced that there was a wave of love and compassion sweeping the Universe.  I was optimistic that the world was undergoing a metamorphic change to rise to a new and better place for all to exist in. Beautiful things were happening as hearts lead the way. Love soldiers were out actively guiding folks to become better versions of themselves through mindfulness and awareness teachings. Kindness armies were lifting people up and shining light into their day. Inclusion forces were embracing people across the spectrum. So it seemed.

And then like a 10 story building in the wake of an earthquake, my beliefs were shaken. The walls swayed. Windows cracked. And the world had gone askew as I felt a wave of darkness sweep over all that I thought I knew to be true.

A new fear, or maybe an old fear resurrected, was being sewn into the fabric of who we are and it appeared to be taking hold as egos lead and hostility, animosity and intolerance visibly bubbled to the surface.  My stomach ached and my anxieties erupted as long buried past experiences found their way out of the shadows and my own fears consumed me.  Was the whole building going to collapse under the tremors of disquietude that rose from the long simmering pot of trepidation and discontentment? A sense of bleakness crept in.

But wait! Look! Over there! Do you see them too? Rising up from the wreckage.  A new understanding. A  new awakening. A new sense of love that could only come from standing at the edges of calamity and staring it straight in the eye.  As they choose LOVE, one by one, they rise.  As they choose to love who they are; what sits inside of them; what makes them unique, they rise.  As they choose to hold a space in their hearts for their brothers and sisters; a space of togetherness and support; a space of compassion, they rise. One by one, they rise. Out of the ruin. A new army emerging.  A bigger army. A stronger army. An army of souls who choose love. An army that will change the world.

Beautiful things will happen when love leads the way. WE rise!


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