Filled with GratitudeIt is that time of year where, should I lose sight of the moments and gratitude for all that has surrounded me in this past year, my heart could easily become heavy with the realization of just how quickly time flies.  Should I chose to view the world through a perspective of how little I accomplish in a day, in a year, in a lifetime compared to what I had hoped to accomplish, then I might as well wrap my life up in a plain brown box and get out the ‘FAILED’ stamp and get to stamping. I close yet another year with an unfinished TO DO list that spans to infinity and back…no, really…it’s THAT BIG! But does size REALLY matter? I’m from the camp that it depends on what you do with it.

If I were to gather up all the mental clutter of DO-TODAY-DO-TOMORROW-DO-THIS-WEEK-DO-SOMEDAY and carry the weight of all those DO-DOs on my shoulders, their immense shadow would eclipse the light of BE-ing.  But the reality is that should I die today, that TO DO list will disintegrate into the winds like the cold ashes of a long burnt out fire and none of it would matter. No one is going to pick up my TO DO list in the wake of my silenced foot steps and carry it on, let alone give a shit that it even existed…at least I hope not.

The things that truly do matter cannot be carried away on the whispers of a breeze as they are rooted in our soul and the souls of others. They are the treasures of living a life of BE-ing.  They are those glittering specks of love and light that we scatter in the hearts of others as we journey throughout our days. They are those sometimes hard to find non-judgmental warm hugs of sympathy and caring that we give to the homeless guy on the corner, to the crying child who cannot find words to explain their despair, to the person sitting silently alone in the space of many, and even to the angry mean person whose energy grabs hold of our own and attempts to pull it into the darkness that surrounds him.

It has become apparent to me, after many years of climbing the mountains, wandering the meadows and wading through the valleys, all of which are inherent in living life, that I do have choices. I can choose how those moments, good and bad, will hold space in my life.  I can choose what kind of energy I will place in the path of another to either break them down or build them up.  I can choose to carry that monster sized TO DO list on my shoulders where it overshadows family, friends, and just BE-ing. I can choose to embrace what I DIDN’T accomplish and stamp my box as ‘FAILED’ or embrace what I DID accomplish and throw away that stupid box, dance a silly dance, throw confetti and yell ‘I DID IT’ into the Universe in celebration of the beauty of who I AM.  You can too.  We ALL can!

So for me, it is that time of year where I CHOSE to exist in the space of reflection, awareness, appreciation and gratitude so that I can KNOW better and DO better as the light of the new year begins to rise above the horizon.  And in that space I carry an immense amount of gratitude and love for YOU!  Because it is only with your support, love and encouragement, that Jagged Touch Studio can exist and subsequently has the opportunity to find spaces in the hearts of others that need what it has to offer.  So please know that your own glittering specks of love and light lie in the spaces of MY heart and for that I am forever grateful!

As my gratitude gift to you, please feel free to download and print this pdf of Jagged Touch Studio Gift Tags 2015.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a new year full of incredible possibilities!!!

Much Peace and Love!

Rani Primmer, Jagged Touch Studio

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