#ArtistsForLove – We Stand With You

#ArtistsForLove – We Stand With You

A group of very inspirational artists started the #ArtistsForLove movement calling for artists to create art pieces that show that we stand together in a circle of love with everyone who is feeling alone and afraid.  This year has been especially difficult for me to...

Does Size Really Matter? + Free Printable Gift Tags

It is that time of year where, should I lose sight of the moments and gratitude for all that has surrounded me in this past year, my heart could easily become heavy with the realization of just how quickly time flies.  Should I chose to view the world through a...

‘Just’ Another Day… of Possibility

Today, as the soft light of the early morning found its way into my still beating heart, and my eyes cracked opened for yet another new day, I find myself sitting in the new space of 52 years old. Once upon a time I may have called it 'just another day' as I traveled...

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