So here we BEGIN.  Maybe the first time.  Maybe the second or third or even the 100th! It doesn’t really matter. What matters is the effort we put forth into the space of ‘BEGINNING’. What matters is putting on our best mindset that will allow us to step forward, one foot at a time, one action item at a time, into our hopes, our desires, and our dreams.

‘Beginning’ is our friend. She opens the doors into the possibilities that surround us. She encourages us to pursue new visions.  She does not chastise us for do-overs because she knows we enter this leg of our journey armored with new knowings and understandings that we did not have before, with a new self-awareness that will allow us to refine our approach and our strategies….that will allow us to DO better…BE better!

Beginning takes courage.  It takes daring.  We must strip ourselves of self-judgment and negative self talk and rather clothe ourselves in self-awareness and you-got-this messages.  It takes ignoring the criticisms of others who think they know us but cannot possibly know what has grown inside us that now fuels our soul to reach for more.  It takes believing that we can, we must and we will!

The coolest thing is we get to choose what our mind sees and believes.  We have to power to change what does not work.  It may not be easy.  It may require a great deal of self-work in letting go of old beliefs, habits, teachings and perspectives. We may have to let go of people that we allow to diminish us. It’s hard, but not impossible and if we are successful, we can change our lives. We can change the world.  We can shine a light onto our journey and the journeys of others.

Do not wait for things to be perfect. Move forward in the sloppiness and let the magic unfold.  Do not be discouraged by Do-overs. You are different now.  And you will be different at the end of this journey as you reach for your best self. So Start Now! Embrace the journey!

What will you BEGIN today?

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