A group of very inspirational artists started the #ArtistsForLove movement calling for artists to create art pieces that show that we stand together in a circle of love with everyone who is feeling alone and afraid.  This year has been especially difficult for me to digest and reflect as so much hatred, anger and fear surfaces to the top and spills out into the world.  I was inspired by the #Artistsforlove movement to create a piece of my own not only to help process what my heart and soul are feeling but to do some thing in a moment when I feel so lost as to what to do next but want so deeply to help remedy the darkness that is looming.  Please know that there is a movement of love surrounding us and holding a space for all as long as we stand strong, we stand together and we stand in love and respect for others.  Feel free to download and/or share this piece or look for others using #ArtistforLove.  Post these and let all those around you know #WeStandTogether, #WeStandWithYou and #LoveAlwaysWins!


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