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‘Time Traveler’ Giclee Art Print


Title: “Time Traveler”

Words: “That was then. This is now.”


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I call these characters “Seekers” as they seek out the magic, inspiration and thought found in one’s journey through life. Through reflection and the intent to create self-awareness, they share the treasures they’ve found with others in hopes to inspire and bring light into one’s day.

Color and words can be customized. For example, you could match the color of the eyes to someone you know or remove the words or tailor the words.

  • All images are printed with archival inks on a beautiful luster archival photo paper.
  • Unmatted/unsigned image measures 8x10.
  • Matted signed image measures 8x10 and comes with a mat board to fit any 11x14 frame.
  • The copyright marking will not appear on the final print.

COPYRIGHT: This photo is protected under copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any manner without my express written permission.


Meet the time traveling seeker! Through a lot of practice in the creation of self-awareness, this seeker has come to realize that in her time travels, she has spent an enormous amount of time dwelling in the past. She has been there so often, sometimes on a daily basis, that she was shaping her NOW with negative self-talk and the baggage of beliefs that no longer served her well. One morning as she contemplated the seemingly lack of joy and happiness in her life, she had an aha! moment… it was time to ditch the past! The shitty parts anyway. It took a great deal of courage and focus to say ‘NO MORE!’, ‘Enough is enough!’, ‘I deserve better!’ But she dug deep within and found not only courage but fierceness! From that moment, rather then wandering about in time, going wherever her mind wanted to take her, she drove the ship. Fueled by a new sense of worthiness, she took control. And just then, her raven arrived and in his mouth he carried the key to the realm of Joy and Happiness…her next destination!

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