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Forever Grateful in a World of Uncertainty

World of Uncertainty

I don’t often send out newsletters or blog (something I know I need to get better at) but I did not want this Thanksgiving season to go by without letting you, the Jagged Touch Studio encouragers, supporters, inspirers, motivators, fellow creators and friends, know how truly grateful I am for your amazing support and love during my ‘coming out’ as an artist over this last year.

In this last 6 months, my husband and I have intentionally entered into a World of Uncertainty where we live each day by believing, trusting and letting go. I left my 6-figure-perfectly-fine-and-lucky-to-have-it corporate job to leap forward into the world of creativity where I hope to find purpose in healing, inspiring and bringing joy, even if only for a moment, to others through my art.

We sold or gave away most of our belongings, packed what we could in a 10×30 storage unit, put the house on the market and drove away from our ‘forever’ home bringing along one cat, a dog, and a trailer packed with art supplies, clothes and our toothbrushes. We decided to put to test the concept of ‘Follow your passion and the Universe will respond’.

I’m not going to lie….there has been fear. Bucket loads of it. At times, it takes a hold of my gut and squeezes it tight until I feel I might puke but I am learning to embrace that fear. I take it by the hand as a friend and lovingly walk with it until it finally releases me. I have worked a lifetime to diminish some of my more debilitating fears, and I have come to understand that Fear will always be there… it is one of the paint colors on the palette of my life. It is something that I must quit treating as if it were an article of clothing that I could remove when it is, in fact, a thread in the essence of my being that I must come to know and understand.

Blatantly choosing to enter into a World of Uncertainty has challenged me time and time again to walk with my fears as well as laid question to whether I truly can embrace the mantra, ‘Believe, Trust, Let Go’. Are we truly willing to sit back with no obvious direction, disconnected from outcome and just let things unfold? Sometimes when I tell people what we did, what we are doing, I feel a cloak of ‘Have you lost your freakin’ mind?’ energy move over me, spawned either by their truth or by my truth which is clearly questioning the logic of our actions. It is in these moments that I start to get anxious and scared but then I take a deep breath and I remind myself to ‘Believe, Trust and Let Go’. Sure enough, the fear begins to fade away and the joy and peace in my heart shines brightly through the fear fog. The rightness of it all becomes so clear to me and I can again sit and watch in awe as the Universe lays out our path before us.

The bottom line…. I did not have the strength or courage to live my life this way a year ago. It was through those of you that have provided me feedback, input, love and support that I have found the courage to follow my passion and to believe in myself and what I do. Those moments that you took the time to say a few words to me were the fuel I needed to keep moving forward. It is through your energy that I have grown enough to take flight.

And for that I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!

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3 Responses to “Forever Grateful in a World of Uncertainty”

  1. Buffy Peters December 6, 2013 at 8:12 AM #

    I LOVE, love, love your art! I found you at the Ames Main Street Art Fair last year and was so happy to see you there again this year. You art really spoke to me from a place of love and encouragement and I have since bought your cards to pass that on. Thank you for taking that leap, I know I really appreciate it!

  2. Glynn Bogle December 8, 2013 at 4:10 PM #

    I too love your work and found it for the first time at last year’s Willowbrook Vendor Fair. I wish you nothing but the best in your journey because your work talks to everybodys inner child and sometimes we all need to remember that inner child to move through our own journey.

  3. Arline Grant December 20, 2013 at 9:29 AM #

    So very excited to have found your blog. Love your art, love your kits…can’t wait to love your inspiration here as well.
    Deviant Hugs,

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