Jagged Touch Studio | Art that inspires thought, emotion, beauty and laughter in your soul
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Jagged Touch Studio

Art that inspires thought, emotion, beauty and laughter in your soul

Welcome to Jagged Touch Studio. Home of the Seekers where we seek out inspiration in the details of everyday life and incorporate it in to colorful, motivational, thought-provoking pieces of art.

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What Recently Spilled Out of My Soul

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  • World of Uncertainty

    She finally pulled herself together and she wasn’t perfect, but she knew she had everything she needed to walk into the world of uncertainty where Life really happens.
  • In Memory of Sandy Hook Souls

    Words: There is no amount of darkness that can overshadow the magnificent light of their beautiful souls. ***NOTE: This piece is now for sale. 100% of the first 20 sales will be donated to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. 70% of every sale after that will be donated.

  • Greater Things

    Title: Greater Things Words: As she held Hope in her hands, her Heart filled with enough Courage to tell the Past, ‘You can no longer hold my soul. It is meant for greater things.’ And suddenly a magnificent light was shone upon the doorway of her future.

Jagged Touch Studio Creations

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Brain Droppings

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  • She Speaks

    SHE SPEAKS by Rani Primmer, Jagged Touch Studio I stand by the ocean, her warm undulating waves crashing in on my bare feet. With each methodical surge of her incoming flow, she heaves an abundance of enticing shells from her gut onto the waiting beach. The preceding layer of wave, now calmed and relieved of […]

  • Forever Grateful in a World of Uncertainty

    Forever Grateful in a World of Uncertainty

    I don’t often send out newsletters or blog (something I know I need to get better at) but I did not want this Thanksgiving season to go by without letting you, the Jagged Touch Studio encouragers, supporters, inspirers, motivators, fellow creators and friends, know how truly grateful I am for your amazing support and love […]

  • Life is an ArTFuL BaLaNCe

    Life is an ArTFuL BaLaNCe

    LiFe is an ArTFuL BaLaNCe! She balances precariously upon the edifices she has created that are now the architecture of her life’s journey.  Her HeArT, MiNd, BoDy, SoUL, FRiEnDs, FaMiLy, WoRk and PLaY have become the arteries of her existence.  Without proper care to each one of them, they will shrink and a part of […]